18 May 08 | Tuli Mission 08

ABM's free circumcision medical mission
"Tuli Mission" : A joint effort with Red Cross Youth
Philippine Institute of Quezon City
18 May 2008

Tuli Mission 08Met up at the tambayan before leaving for PIQC.

Tuli Mission 08Meet the registration staff. :)

Tuli Mission 08UP Red Cross Youth

Tuli Mission 08The pharmacy staff sorting the medicines.

Tuli Mission 08Queuing up for their turn to be attended to.

Tuli Mission 08A few of our volunteer doctors and interns

Tuli Mission 08Everything isn't as scary with a lollipop. ;)

Tuli Mission 08Our first patient — he was very brave! :)

Tuli Mission 08Operation Proper

Tuli Mission 08Our washers hard at work.

Tuli Mission 08Writing out the instructions for the kids' medications.

Tuli Mission 08All in all a successful mission :)
Good job, everyone!!

Photography by JK Alonzo, Joey Cuayo and Harrell Wong.
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  1. Harrell says at

    bravo! very nice photos, layout, and post.

    you put my l33t sk33lz to shame. =P